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Cramer begs Amazon's Jeff Bezos: You could transform the stock market

Cramer begs Amazon's Jeff Bezos: You could transform the stock market

Sometimes Jim Cramer finds himself daydreaming about a fair and honest stock market, and what that would look like. He thinks if Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos ran things, it could quickly democratize the trading process and make it easier for everyone to profit.

"Can you imagine? Instant access to what the big boys have, delivered right to your door. Only Amazon can level the playing field, which is why I'm begging Jeff Bezos, please set it up," the "Mad Money" host said.

Cramer envisions that Amazon could offer machine-learning capabilities that could accurately tell investors what to do in the case of a certain event. So, instead of looking for a book on a particular topic, they could look for stocks that can work in different scenarios.

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If an investor entered "no rate hike," voila, a list of names would pop up under the category "customers who like 'no rate hike' frequently bought" with corporate icons and stock prices.

Cramer thought that Amazon would have recommended Twilio and Acacia, two fast-growing technology companies, if it detected that the Fed would stay the course.

"In my dream scenario, you would use Amazon Prime, and with one-click ordering those stocks will be in your account instantly," Cramer said.

If Amazon can create the algorithm for books, music and many other products, why not stocks?

The problem is that the biggest and fastest hedge funds own the current algorithms, and investors can't possibly keep up, Cramer said. They may be able if there was something that like the Amazon button.

When Cramer worked at his hedge fund, he kept a list of the stocks that fit the picture of a growing economy, and knew what to do when the Fed made a statement about sluggish growth.

"Now, because there is no Amazon button for stocks, everything is lifted ahead of you by the machine gun algorithms directed by high-frequency traders," Cramer said. "If we had this machine learning instrument available on Amazon, I bet we could outrun the algo guys."

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