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These are the winners from the rise of driverless cars

Pilot models of the Uber self-driving car are displayed at the Uber Advanced Technologies Center on September 13, 2016, in Pittsburgh.
Angelo Merendino | AFP | Getty Images

The rapid technological advancements in autonomous cars may spark a wave of investment opportunities in industries that will deliver services while vehicles are operated by machines, according to a new report from Morgan Stanley.

"The industry implications for recasting the global mobility model extend far beyond just the auto industry, affecting large tranches of the economy and the investment landscape," equity analyst Adam Jonas wrote on Thursday.

The investment bank believes the 100-year-old auto industry is facing "unprecedented technological disruption" that could alter the current business model, positioning certain firms at the forefront of this development.

Morgan Stanley predicts that in the near future, shared and automated transportation could free up the more than 600 billion hours of driver and passenger time spent in vehicles, creating an industry potentially worth trillions of dollars.