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CNBC Transcript: Interview with Deutsche Bank's Head of Communications & Senior Group Director, Joerg Eigendorf,

Following are excerpts from a CNBC interview with CNBC reporter Annette Weisbach and Joerg Eigendorf, Head of Communications & Senior Group Director at Deutsche Bank, in Frankfurt

AW: So Mr. Cryan was allegedly in Berlin and has asked for help at the Chancellery.

JE: This is just wrong. At no moment of time. No point of time, John Cryan has asked the Chancellor for support in the negotiations with the Department of Justice and he doesn't intend to do that. He's very strong in that position.

AW: In Berlin, some who have been speculating about the fact that you are too big to fail. There are rumours all across the capital that Deutsche Bank is just too big. So what are you answering?

JE: Just look, I mean yes the share price is low. But that is not what is worrying us and that is not what we are really looking. What is really important to us is Our credit story which is very strong.

Its fundamentally strong and a lot of those in the market understand if they analyse the basics and the fundamentals that we are quite strong. Look at our credit story, value add risk very low, our credit portfolio very strong, liquidity position very strong, very comfortable and the third quarter is almost over.

And I can tell you today is where we are finding very comfortable.

AW: Berlin is not willing to bail you guys out. So does that put you in an insecure situation?

JE: Again that is pure speculation. And for us it's just not a question. Deutsche Bank strongly intends to solve its problems or its challenges by itself and we don't think about anything else. We do our homework here. We are structure of the bank.

We try to get the litigation issues out of the way because this is creating this uncertainty. A lot that is out there in the market right now. It's just pure speculation and uncertainty that was created by this and this is what we try to do. And by doing our homework, we will get this. This uncertainty out of the market again.

AW: And looking at the markets though they are betting against you had the share price hit a new record low. How confident are you that you have enough time actually to do your homework?

JE: We are very committed and we are doing our job. We are we are out there today and doing our homework. And the speculations, again, this is as if we need something today. We are fulfilling all capital requirements comfortably right now and that is not that is just speculation for the future and we have said time and once we got through the Canadian litigation issue all of the way once we get that restructuring done, the operative strengths of the bank will be seen again and once it is seen people will then these speculations will hopefully end.

AW: Just one last question. Would you exclude the capital increase in the short to medium term now?

JE: Again this is just not a question for us right now. We fulfil the capital requirements. We have time to fulfil future capital requirements and that's what we are working on.

AW: Thank you.


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