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Here's the markets' biggest fear about the debate ... and beyond

Clinton leads in latest NBC/Survey Monkey poll

For Wall Street, Monday night's first presidential debate was a bit like a dress rehearsal for the election.

Many market pros have made no secret of favoring Democrat Hillary Clinton over real estate mogul Donald Trump. The conventional thinking is that the former senator and secretary of state would be more positive for stocks as a status quo candidate with known policies, and that a win by Trump would bring uncertainty and cause a risk-off trade, at least initially.

After Monday night's first one-on-one faceoff between the Democratic and Republican nominees, BMO chief investment officer Jack Ablin said: "Early indications suggest Hillary won the debate; at least didn't lose. Futures are higher and the peso is rallying."

However, a nonscientific online survey by found that 65 percent of 688,000 said Trump won. (You can add your vote here.)

Markets seemed to react to Clinton making headway against her GOP rival as the debate progressed.

U.S. stock index futures erased losses to trade higher during the debate. After it was over, Dow futures gained 100 points. The Mexican peso also reversed losses to trade more than 1 percent stronger against the U.S. dollar.

Before the first words were exchanged at Hofstra University, Ablin said "we could see fireworks" in the markets Tuesday.