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Donald Trump again lies about his opposition to Iraq War

Trump: My support for Iraq War is 'mainstream media nonsense'

Donald Trump again wrongly claimed he opposed to the Iraq War before the U.S.-led invasion.

During a wide-ranging discussion Monday night in which Trump talked about his proposal to make NATO allies pay more for security, Trump was asked by moderator Lester Holt about backing the Iraq War, which is something he did in a 2002 interview with radio host Howard Stern.

Members of the U.S. Army 173rd Airborne Brigade demonstrate urban warfare techniques as Ukrainian soldiers look on on the second day of the 'Rapid Trident' bilateral military exercises between the United States and Ukraine that include troops from a variety of NATO and non-NATO countries on September 16, 2014 near Yavorov, Ukraine.
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When Hillary Clinton pointed out that he supported the war, Trump repeatedly said the word "wrong" as she spoke. Trump then denied it over Holt's protestations, saying the media has peddled a lie about him.

Trump did publicly oppose the war, but not until after it started. Clinton supported the war as a member of the U.S. Senate.

Trump also strangely claimed that Clinton had been fighting ISIS "her entire adult life," despite the fact that the terror group did not come into existence until after the Syrian civil war started in 2011.

Markets seemed to react to Clinton making headway against her GOP rival as the debate progressed.

U.S. stock index futures erased losses to trade higher amid the debate, and the Mexican peso reversed losses to trade more than 1 percent stronger against the U.S. dollar.