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Voters don’t care what CEOs think of Donald Trump, campaign manager Conway says

Trump campaign manager and CEO throw down on job creation

Americans care less about exactly how many jobs Donald Trump has created than how few Hillary Clinton has generated, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said in a debate Tuesday with the CEO of MGM Resorts International.

Asked why more CEOs are not publicly supporting Trump, Conway told CNBC's "Squawk Box," "I don't know that that's the measurement that most voters are going to say, hey, how many Fortune 100s CEOs" support Trump?She said his rise in the polls shows that Americans believe in his economic vision.

Conway said she didn't think anyone who watched the first presidential debate on Monday became convinced Clinton would end a prolonged period of wage stagnation.

MGM Resorts International Chairman and CEO Jim Murren, who also appeared on "Squawk Box" on Tuesday, challenged the notion the U.S. economy is not improving, saying his company had its best July performance in its history this year and is adding 7,000 jobs over the next two years.

Murren said he is voting for Clinton even though he usually votes Republican in presidential elections. He said he believes she will put infrastructure to work and increase financial stability.

Conway asked why Clinton hasn't done so yet, to which Murren replied, "She's not the president of the United States."

Conway said Clinton has been in office for a long time. She added that Trump has created tens of thousands of jobs. When asked by Murren exactly how many employees Trump currently has worldwide, she repeated that it is "tens of thousands."

"That's kind of a vague number, isn't it?" Murren asked. "Is it 10,000? Is it 100,000?"

"America doesn't care," Conway replied. "They care about how many jobs Hillary Clinton has created. Zero. Don't count the State Department."