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Loo with a view? China unveils glass-walled toilets and people are scared to use it

China unveils glass-walled toilets

China has taken its love of glass structures one step further – and perhaps too far –with an innovative glass-walled public toilet that was unveiled this week in Hunan province.

The first tourists to see the glass-walled toilets, opened on Thursday and situated in the scenic Shiyanhu Ecologic Park in Changsha, were, unsurprisingly, shy of giving them a test-run given that they don't give the user much privacy.

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With only frosted glass to separate the cubicles from each other and fully transparent glass for the outer walls, floor and roof, China's media reported that a mirrored coating had yet to be applied to the outer glass surfaces.

"We wanted to make it something unique … exciting and adventurous," Yang Lang, an employee at the park was quoted as saying by the South China Morning Post.

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Hunan province has a thing for glass structures, having recently opened the world's highest and longest glass bridge (the bridge had to be closed for safety modifications and is soon to re-open) as well as a vertiginous glass walkway, both in the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.

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