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Cramer: With restaurants under pressure, this stock won't turn around

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Lifelock Inc: "No, with a checkered history, frankly at this point I'd say just be in some of the companies that they try to protect you with. I say be in Mastercard or Visa."

CVR Energy: "I don't trust that gigantic deal. That is a red flag for me. If I were back in the home office, I'd say stay away."

Xerox: "My problem with Xerox is that I think there's a lot of value there, but it does have to unlock it. And it sure hasn't done that so far."

WhiteWave Foods: "I think it's time for ka-ching ka-ching with WhiteWave."

CVS Health Corp: "CVS is down way too much. I would never sell it down here. I was in Napa this weekend, and this company is run by Larry Merlo. He is a finer merlot than anything I tasted in Napa."

American Water Works: "We profiled this company and then it came down a lot and we think it's time. We think it is time to be able to do a little buying and I think it's in good shape."

Texas Roadhouse: "The restaurant group is under a huge amount of pressure. I don't expect that stock to turn around any time soon. It is well run, but that does not seem to matter right now. The group is for sale."

Abercrombie & Fitch: "There is no reason to own that one whatsoever if the mall is dead. That one is completely moribund. The only ones I recommend in the mall are Urban Outfitters and L Brands. Not that one."

Centene Corp: "We've come around to Centene. It's a very volatile group. My favorite in that group is UNH, though. Let's stick with that one."

Kroger: "I was on Twitter the other day and people said 'Jim when you said don't sell Kroger anymore, it's too low.' I'm sticking with that, but I can't pound the table buy. Why? Because it is in the supermarket business, and that is a hard business."

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