Data science jobs top Glassdoor survey for best work-life balance

These jobs have the best work-life balance

If you're thinking of switching careers, becoming a data scientist is the way to go, according to Glassdoor.

The jobs and recruiting platform revealed its annual list of best jobs for work-life balance, which showed that the data science field offered not only a good work-life balance, but also hefty pay and lots of opportunities. For those not already in the know, data scientists extract insights from masses of data, usually using math, statistics and programming skills.

Glassdoor ranked jobs based on feedback supplied by its U.S.-based members, whose scores put data science at third out of 29 roles for work-life balance, top of the pay ranking with a median salary of $112,000, and third in the "most job openings" ranking.

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Corporate recruiters clinched the top spot for work-life balance, followed by user experience (UX) designers. Other notable positions for finding your groove between work and play included mobile developer and substitute engineer.

The average work-life balance score across industries was 3.2 out of 5 (data science scored 4.1). The overall rating for work-life balance has held relatively steady over the past few years, after an initial decline from 2009's 3.5 score.

There were plenty of careers pulling down the median work-life balance rating, including reporter, mental health therapist and tax accountant.

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