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Activist hedge fund manager McGuire on investing

Activist hedge fund manager Mick McGuire sat down with CNBC's Kate Kelly from the sidelines of the Sohn San Francisco Investment Conference for an exclusive educational interview on investing, running a hedge fund and some of the lessons he's learned from his career.

"I have a bias towards valuing a business based on the cash earnings that a company generates, and as soon as you deviate from that, you quickly become caught up in viewing the market as a casino," he said.

In this candid conversation, McGuire, who was previously a partner at Bill Ackman's Pershing Square Capital Management before starting his own hedge fund, Marcato Capital Management, also discusses:

  • His strategy to generate excess returns.
  • How to identify potential investment opportunities.
  • The hedge fund managers that have influenced his investment style.
  • The key characteristic of successful investors.

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