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Cramer on potential Twitter buy: Marc Benioff will need outside help to pull off

Cramer on who will buy Twitter CEO Marc Benioff will need outside help if he hopes to acquire Twitter and please shareholders, CNBC's Jim Cramer said on Thursday.

Cramer spoke with the Salesforce chief on Wednesday. Benioff told Cramer the social media platform has challenges and called Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey a "good friend."

Benioff did not indicate that he was not interested in a buy, but Cramer forewarned the CEO will need an outside buyer to go in with him or risk a wall of resistance from the company's major shareholders.

"You actually need [someone] like a Warren Buffett to partner this thing," Cramer said on "Squawk on the Street." "...Where you can layoff some of the expense because, oh man, this could kill anybody's quarter, anybody."

On Wednesday, Cramer had expressed that any company willing to purchase the struggling social network can expect a major plunge in their stock and earnings challenges for at least a couple of years.

Despite the possible immediate consequences to the company, Cramer has said that he sees Twitter as a plausible benefactor to Salesforce due to the company's stockpile of user data.

Twitter saw a drop in their shares on Thursday after a Recode report said that Alphabet, Apple and Disney would likely not purchase the social media company.

Shares of Twitter were down more than 16 percent in early morning trading Thursday. The stock is down more than 9 percent year to date.