Trump, who proposed temporary Muslim entry ban, calls Islamophobia a 'shame'

Trump: Muslims have to report the problems once they see them
Hillary Clinton on Islamophobia

Donald Trump, who last year proposed a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States amid security concerns, called Islamophobia a "shame" on Sunday night.

Responding to a question of whether he still supported the constitutionally questionable barring of Muslims from the U.S., he did not refute or confirm it, saying his policy now involves "extreme vetting." Trump previously discussed an ideological screening test for people entering the U.S. from certain parts of the world, which could prove cumbersome in practice.

Hillary Clinton responded by calling his previous comments about Muslims "unwise and extremely dangerous." She particularly focused on his using the term "radical Islamic terrorism" and said "we are not at war with Islam."

Trump had said "to solve a problem, you have to be able to state what the problem is."