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CEO Jack Dorsey tries to rally Twitter staff in internal memo, doesn't mention potential sale

Jack Dorsey, co-founder and CEO of Twitter
Drew Angerer | Getty Images

Jack Dorsey thanked Twitter staffers in a memo sent around the one-year anniversary of his return as CEO without mentioning a potential sale of the social media company.

Dorsey emphasized that "Twitter is what's happening" and that the company should strive to "deliver a better Twitter faster than [people] thought possible," according to a copy of the memo obtained by Bloomberg.

Dorsey does not mention the potential sale of the company, according to the memo.

"We can do this!" Dorsey wrote.

A spokeswoman for Twitter declined to comment to Bloomberg.

Source: FactSet

Shares of the social media have whipsawed in recent weeks amid news of a potential sale. The stock shot up more than 21 percent in September after CNBC reported that suitors included major technology companies like Google and Twitter shares plunged more than 11 percent on Monday on a report that some potential suitors were no longer interested in making a bid.

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