RNC member: I am not voting for any Republican who is not backing Trump

RNC Nevada chair: If Trump doesn't win, I resign

The list of Republicans denouncing GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has swelled since the release of the 2005 tape showing Trump speaking in vulgar terms about groping women and getting away with it because of his celebrity — but there is a call among some in the party who are urging GOP voters not to vote for Republicans who have backed away from Trump.

Over the weekend CNBC learned a page on Facebook called Vote Out Every Republican That Opposes Trump was created, and members like Diana Orrock, Republican National Committeewoman for Nevada, are promoting the page in their status posts encouraging followers not to vote for the candidates who they feel have abandoned the GOP presidential nominee. "As national committeewoman, I am supposed to keep my personal beliefs to myself, but I have never been a party-over-principles type of person. I have always been a principles-over-party individual," she said.

"I am no longer endorsing Joe Heck in the Senate race," explained Orrock. "How hypocritical of him to denounce Trump on comments that were 12 years old and locker room banter? By not endorsing Trump, he is supporting Hillary."

Orrock's disdain for Heck's decision not to support Trump is not out of the norm with some Nevada Republicans. Heck, the GOP Senate candidate in Nevada, was booed at his own campaign rally over the weekend when he told the crowd he was no longer supporting the GOP nominee.

Candidates who have stepped away from Trump may think this strategy was a safe way of keeping their Republican votes in an effort to win or keep their seat, but Orrock says she believes that strategy could backfire. "I will not support any candidate is who is not supporting and endorsing the party's nominee. I am urging all fellow Republicans to do the same," she said.

Other state RNC committee heads are calling for candidates to stop dropping off the Trump train. Demetra DeMonte, former secretary for the RNC and national committeewoman for Illinois, sent an email to all 168 members of the RNC urging them to rally around their nominee. "When I received calls and folks were upset about the language — they were more upset that their elected officials were abandoning Trump at the first sight of trouble."

The email made the case that while Trump was not a "perfect man," he was their lawfully elected nominee and urged for all to stand by him so he could win the election.

Dear Fellow RNC members,

I believe it is now time for us to speak up about the swirling news over the last 24 hours.

First and foremost, Donald J Trump is not going to step down – nor should he. He is our lawfully elected nominee.

Yes - Donald Trump used some very inappropriate language. We can all agree on that. I certainly do not condone it. But one thing is sure – he is not the first – nor will he be the last to utter foul language in the privacy of their home or in their locker rooms.

What would be so amusing, if it wasn't so disingenuous, is that Hillary is appalled and disgusted at Trump's language. Right… just like Captain Renault, the character from Casablanca, is "shocked, shocked" that there is gambling going on in Rick's Café, while at the same time he is accepting his ill-gotten gambling winnings!

Hillary, the consummate hypocrite, who while First Lady, barraged her own Secret Service detail with unspeakably foul language! The very same men who put their lives on the line for hers! Such hypocrisy!

But here is the real question – what I believe we should really focus on: When choosing a President what is more important – Words or Deeds?

Mr. Trump may be guilty of uttering foul language – but Hillary is guilty of committing foul deeds – deeds, if she were anyone else, would have resulted in prison time.

• She has deleted thousands of documents which she knew was illegal;

• She had an unsecured server in her home that jeopardized America's security and more than likely resulted in the deaths of some of our people;

• She refused multiple cries for help from our ambassador that resulted in his murder, along with 3 brave Americans!

• She mercilessly hounded and attacked numerous women Bill Clinton sexually assaulted;

• Hillary laughed when she got off a rapist of a 12 year old girl – while knowing all along her client was guilty of rape! That is on tape, too – why doesn't the media play that audio?

• And now it comes out that Hillary DREAMS of open borders and open trade. Oh, really? That's not what she's been preaching! No wonder she didn't want to release her speeches to her Wall Street backers – the same people who made her rich by taking millions of dollars from them.

Our choice is simple.

Although Donald Trump is not a perfect man – who among us is? – he is our lawfully elected nominee and if we all stand behind him NOW – he will win November 8th.

I ask all of my fellow RNC members to please stay the course, stay with Donald Trump, and let us do all that we can to elect him on November 8th. There is too much at stake – including, most of all, the Supreme Court.

Join me in affirming your support for our nominee Donald J. Trump!

Demetra DeMonte

Co-Chair Trump Illinois

Republican National Committeewoman for Illinois

RNC Secretary 2011-2015

"I am extremely disheartened by the candidates and elected officials who have abandoned our nominee. Instead of circling around our candidate when the going gets tough, some Republicans chose to abandon them — circling instead like vultures," said DeMonte. "We need to be more like the Democrats who rally around their candidate — circle the wagons — when things get tough."

J.L. Spray, Republican National Committeeman for Nebraska, said the party must fulfill its commitment to the nominee. "The job of the RNC is to nominate a presidential candidate, and our party nominated Trump through a complicated process. I am not compelled to changing the course."

"If Trump does not win, the Republican Party is over," Orrock said flatly. "Party members are willing to forsake our nominee, and that means they are willing to have Hillary take the helm."

"I will resign as RNC committeewoman for Nevada if Trump loses," Orrock said on "Power Lunch." "If not endorsing Trump is what the Republican Party stands for, to hell with the Republican Party."