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Trump Sr. economic advisor: The US growth outlook is a bit dire

Trump: Where's the growth?

Donald Trump's Senior Economic Advisor Steve Calk echoed on Monday some of the Republican candidate's remarks on the state of economic growth in the U.S.

The GOP nominee claimed during the second presidential debate Sunday night that the United States economy is enduring the "slowest growth since 1929."

Though Commerce Department data do not support Trump's claim, Calk told CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" that the growth outlook is still a bit dire.

"We've only seen a 6 cent rise in average pay this year and that's just not the direction we want to go," he said.

Calk also criticized the types of jobs created that were reported for September and the unemployment rate.

But Jared Bernstein, former chief economic and policy adviser to Vice President Joe Biden, said job growth has improved and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton should tout that.

"What really matters most to families are their paychecks and their incomes," Bernstein said Monday. "We now have real paychecks growing faster than they have any of the past three or four business cycles."