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New flaw said to be behind latest Samsung issues

SeongJoon Cho | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 phones may have an new, separate issue from the one addressed by its original recall, according to unnamed investigators cited by Bloomberg.

Samsung permanently halted production of its Galaxy Note 7 this week, asking its global partners to stop sales and exchanges amid continuing reports of batteries overheating. It was an aboutface for the brand, which had recalled 1 million phones in the U.S. in mid-September, issuing replacement devices it said were safe.

Samsung and U.S. safety regulators had pinned the problems to a certain battery supplier, SDI, according to Bloomberg. But a new flaw emerged after Samsung switched to batteries from China's Amperex Technology, Bloomberg reported.

Bloomberg reports that SDI's batteries were thought by U.S. regulators to be too large for the phone, crimping the corners and causing them to short circuit. Experts have told CNBC the cause might be thin separators between battery layers, or a manufacturing error, but Samsung has not responded to a request for clarification.

It comes after a New York Times report indicated that Samsung may not even know what the problem is with the phones, because testers were unable to recreate the battery explosions being reported.

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