'So many pussies' on both sides: Russian foreign minister's take on US election

Russia's minister of foreign affairs Sergei Lavrov
Alexei Nikolsky | TASS | Getty Images

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov did not mince words about the U.S. elections in a video clip posted to the internet on Wednesday.

When CNN's Christiane Amanpour asked Lavrov for his thoughts on Donald Trump's 2005 comments that "when you're a star" women let you "grab them by the pussy," the Russian diplomat had a frank take on the controversy.

"English is not my mother tongue, I don't know that I would sound decent: There are so many pussies around your presidential campaign on both sides, that I prefer not to comment about this," he said.

Amanpour burst into laughter at his comments, saying, "Oh my goodness, I wasn't expecting that."

Amanpour tweet: Lavrov on Trump tapes: "so many pussies around your pres. campaign on both sides that I prefer not to comment."

Trump has come under fire from both Democrats and members of his own party for the 2005 comments, which were caught on a hot mic and published online last week. Some Republicans even called for Trump to step down as the GOP nominee, but the New York businessman has apologized and vowed to continue his campaign.