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Robert Downey Jr offers to voice Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg’s Iron Man-style AI assistant

Who will voice Zuckerberg's A.I.?

In January, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg said he was building an artificial intelligence (AI) system to control his home, sort of like Jarvis in the "Iron Man" movie series.

Zuckerberg is now looking for someone to voice that AI assistant and Iron Man himself – Robert Downey Jr – answered the call in a rather odd message.

Paul Bettany voiced Jarvis in the Iron Man movies. Benedict Cumberbatch is a British actor known for his role in the "Sherlock Holmes" television series.

Zuckerberg replied to the message saying, "this just got real".

Other suggestions surfaced among the more than 36,000 comments including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Samuel L. Jackson and Morgan Freeman.

AI has been a big focus for technology companies with software such as Apple's Siri or Google Assistant set to play a big part in the way humans interact with devices.

Zuckerberg announced plans to build his robot assistant as part of a New Year's resolution in January. In the summer, the Facebook chief executive said that his AI assistant can do simple things such as controlling the lights or changing the temperature of his house.