Hillary Clinton to spend 5 days preparing for Las Vegas debate

Monica Alba
Hillary Clinton preparing for final debate

Hillary Clinton hunkered down for an intensive weekend of prep ahead of Wednesday's third and final presidential in Las Vegas.

The Democratic nominee has made no appearances since Friday and has nothing on her calendar until the final debate.

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After arriving home from a fundraising trip to the West Coast around 1 a.m. ET Saturday, Clinton did a five-hour afternoon session at the Doral Arrowwood in Rye Brook, New York, a Westchester resort near her home.

On Sunday, she did two more sessions, including a late-night practice round after a dinner break. She is also expected to devote Monday and Tuesday to prep, before a likely final session in Vegas on Wednesday before the final matchup.

This intensive prep style has become the norm for Clinton. She spent similar amounts of time practicing before the first two debates, right down to the late-night sessions.

The usual suspects are all present again, including longtime aide Philippe Reines, who is playing Donald Trump in all of her mock debates.