Obama, former AG to reportedly lead effort to make House races more 'fair'

U.S. President Barack Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder
Olivier Douliery | Pool | Getty Images

Former Attorney General Eric Holder will be chair of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, a new organization that aims to redraw district maps for future elections, Politico reported on Monday.

"American voters deserve fair maps that represent our diverse communities — and we need a coordinated strategy to make that happen," Holder told Politico.

President Barack Obama plans to focus on these efforts after he leaves office and "strongly endorsed" Holder's appointment, Politico reported. In his State of the Union address, Obama called for the end of gerrymandering, when district maps are drawn in a way to favor one party over the other. This process makes it easier for one party to win a majority in the House of Representatives.

"I think we've got to end the practice of drawing our congressional districts so that politicians can pick their voters, and not the other way around," the president said.

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