Cramer: Apple is powering the explosion of Netflix & Domino's Pizza

Netflix and Domino's Pizza exploded higher on Tuesday after announcing strong earnings, leaving Jim Cramer suspecting something bigger is going on underneath the stock market's surface.

Consumers have now changed their habits, and the "at home" economy has become a way of life, he said.

"Don't forget that many of these items and devices and trends start with apps. Apple apps. Mobile, and specifically the iPhone is a huge component of this trend," the "Mad Money" host said.

Netflix produces long-form movies and shows that encourage users to binge to get the full story. It offers the competitive in-home entertainment experience that many feel is better than going to movie theaters.

Domino's is the ultimate at-home experience, as customers don't even have to call them. They can use the website, or even Facebook or the Apple Watch to order pizza and not have to talk to another human being.

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"I think that staying at home has become something people would rather do if they have a choice." -Jim Cramer

Netflix reported sharply better-than-expected numbers, adding 3.5 million subscribers to a total of 86.7 million. That was 1.27 million more than expected.

How did Netflix do it? By having great content, Cramer said. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings committed to a $6 billion content budget next year.

Analysts who follow the stock want to be able to pinpoint the growth into the four walls of the spreadsheet, but Netflix won't give it to them.

"Perhaps because they don't take the whole Wall Street process that seriously," Cramer said.

More important, there was a clear secular shift. Movies have become too expensive, and concession stands are overpriced. Meanwhile, a simple movie ticket is more expensive than a Netflix monthly subscription.

"I believe that fear of an actual terror attack is playing a role in staying at home … I think that staying at home has become something people would rather do if they have a choice," Cramer said.

Domino's reported a 13.8 percent increase in domestic same-store sales, versus the 8.5 percent expected. Again, it is cheaper to stay at home and order pizza than it is to spend money going out.

The stay-at-home market isn't just limited to Domino's and Netflix, either, Cramer said. Many private companies such as Blue Apron, Postmates and Caviar have all reaped the rewards of a culture at home.

Of course, there is Amazon, which is the ultimate stay-at-home story. The idea of not needing a car and having everything delivered has crushed many bricks-and-mortar companies.

"Amazon Prime is one of the great bargains of all time and it is winning the war of retail," Cramer said.

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