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Mark Cuban says he wants to give 'bestie' Trump a 'big hug' at third debate

Mark Cuban says he want to give Trump 'big hug' at debate

Hillary Clinton has invited wealthy business figures Mark Cuban and Meg Whitman to Wednesday's third presidential debate in Las Vegas, NBC News reported.

Cuban, a billionaire entrepreneur and frequent Donald Trump critic, sarcastically tweeted Tuesday that he wanted to give his "bestie" Trump a "big hug" at the debate.

Whitman, CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, backed Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's presidential bid last year before switching her allegiance to Clinton in the general election.

Clinton has highlighted her support from business leaders like Cuban, Whitman and Warren Buffett on the campaign trail as Trump touts his own business success. But her association with them has opened her to criticism from both sides of the aisle that she is too friendly with the wealthy.