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Team Clinton Has Spent 70% of Total Ad Money in '16 Race

Mark Murray
Gaston de Cardenas | AFP | Getty Images

With three weeks until Election Day, Hillary Clinton and her allies have accounted for more than 70 percent of the more than $300 million spent on TV and radio advertisements in the presidential election, according to ad-spending data from Advertising Analytics.

By itself, the Clinton campaign has spent more than $133 million over the airwaves, and pro-Clinton outside groups have chipped in an additional $94 million.

By comparison, the Trump camp has spent almost $47 million on ads, while pro-Trump outside groups have dropped an additional $36 million.

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In total, that's $227 million for Team Clinton, and $83 million for Team Trump.

And in terms of booked ad buys over the next three weeks of the election, Team Clinton has reserved $35 million in airtime, versus $25 million for Team Trump.

Ad spending to date

  • Clinton campaign: $133.7 million
  • Pro-Clinton outside groups: $93.7 million
  • Total Team Clinton: $227.4 million

  • Trump campaign: $46.7 million
  • Pro-Trump outside groups: $35.9 million
  • Total Team Trump: $82.6 million

SOURCE: Advertising Analytics