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Clinton on Trump: Only one of us has shipped jobs to Mexico

Clinton: Only one of us has shipped jobs to Mexico

Hillary Clinton on Wednesday deflected Donald Trump's criticism of American trade deals, saying he has personally shipped jobs overseas through his companies.

"There's only one of us on this stage who's actually shipped jobs to Mexico," Clinton said at the final presidential debate in Las Vegas.

Trump has repeatedly attacked the North American Free Trade Agreement and proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership, blaming the deals for manufacturing job losses and saying that renegotiating them would help to boost the economy. He has pointed in particular to NAFTA, which was passed during former President Bill Clinton's administration.

Trump said Wednesday he has seen many people around the country affected by trade deals and added that he would promote trade but through deals other than those currently in place.

Clinton's campaign has previously countered Trump's rhetoric by highlighting that some of his companies made their products outside of the United States.

She also accused Trump of buying Chinese steel.