Trump campaign CEO likely to spread 'alt-right' message in Europe post-election: Report

Dominique Fortes
Steve Bannon
Getty Images

Steve Bannon, Donald Trump's campaign CEO, is likely to further his vision of an anti-establishment, populist movement by opening new offices in Europe after the election, The New Yorker reported this week.

The publication says Bannon, who was until recently chairman of the right-leaning news site Breitbart, intends to continue his goal of building a "global, center-right populist" news publication. In that vein, he intends to open up bureaus in France and Germany, the publication reported. Bannon spearheaded similar initiatives in Europe, promoting Britain's United Kingdom Independence Party and France's National Front party.

The new European offices are in keeping with his intention to target white working-class voters, which he believes is key to winning elections, The New Yorker wrote.

Bannon is a Navy veteran with a degree from Harvard Business School, and actually bought a share of royalties for "Seinfeld," the hit 1990s comedy that ran on NBC for several years. That purchase made him a fortune, The New Yorker reported, and he continues to earn money from the show to this day. (NBC is owned by Comcast, the parent company of CNBC.)

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