Trump claims that Clinton Foundation is a 'criminal enterprise'

Clinton: Happy to compare Clinton Foundation with Trump Foundation
Clinton: Happy to compare Clinton Foundation with Trump Foundation

Donald Trump claimed during the third presidential debate that the Clinton Foundation is a "criminal enterprise."

When asked about accusations of donations to the Clinton Foundation creating a "pay-to-play" conflict of interest during her time at the State Department, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton pivoted to the accomplishments of her charity.

Trump said countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar that "push gays off buildings and treat women horribly" have given her foundation millions of dollars. He asked why Clinton would not give back the money she has received from certain countries that treat certain groups of people badly.

Clinton said her foundation has the highest rating from the "watchdogs that follow foundations." She added she would be happy to "compare what we do with the Trump Foundation." She said the Trump Foundation took money from other people and bought a 6-foot portrait of the Republican presidential nominee.

Moderator Chris Wallace brought up the New York attorney general's investigation into Trump allegedly settling legal disputes in Palm Beach, Florida, with funds from the Donald J. Trump Foundation. Late last month, the New York attorney general's office expanded a probe into the Trump Foundation to include questions about self-dealing. Those rules are intended to prevent nonprofit leaders from using charity dollars for personal or business use.

Trump said the money went toward building houses.

Clinton then countered that "there's no way we can know whether any of that is true because he hasn't released his tax returns." She said Trump is the first presidential candidate in the past "40-plus years" who has not released his tax returns.