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Investment strategist: Don’t trade on election results

Election impact on markets

Though the results of the 2016 presidential election may have some impact on the markets, it is not wise to try and trade on the predicted outcome, investment expert Liz Ann Sonders said Thursday.

The Charles Schwab chief investment strategist said that investment decisions based on single moments in time can prove to be "treacherous" since the timing has to be exactly right to see any sort of benefit, which is very difficult for investors to achieve.

"Our general message is don't try to game this from a short-term perspective in your portfolio. We think that will end up a losing strategy," Sonders told CNBC's "Squawk on the Street."

Instead, the strategist is taking a more cautious approach to investing around the election. Sonders said she has a "neutral" rating on health care due to political uncertainty.

And, though political uncertainty may be one of the many reasons for depressed investor sentiment in the markets, Sonders said it is having a broader impact on corporate America, especially capital spending.

"Now the test will be, following the election, when we at least have that certainty behind us, whether you see a lift in that part of the business," she said. "I think that's key for growth looking into 2017."

The most market-friendly election results, according to Sonders, would be a Hillary Clinton win with at least the House of Representatives remaining in Republican control.

The makeup of Congress is more important than who ends up in the White House or on the cabinet in terms of tax and regulatory policies, she said.