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Tesla releases video of fully self-driving car that could pick you up from across the country

Following on from Tesla's announcement that all its vehicles will have self-driving hardware, Chief Executive Elon Musk has released a video of its capabilities.

The clip shows a Tesla vehicle leaving a garage, driving through town, and eventually parking all by itself.

There is someone sitting in the driver's seat in order to meet current regulations, but they are not touching the wheel.

In a series of tweets Thursday, Musk said that the car can recognize a disabled bay and know not to park there. The billionaire also touted the "summon" feature, unveiled in January, that allows a car to park back in a garage by itself. Eventually, you'll be able to "summon" your Tesla car to wherever you are in the country, the company claims.


On Wednesday, Tesla announced that all vehicles being produced in its factory – including the Model 3 – will have hardware needed for fully autonomous driving at a "safety level substantially greater than that of a human driver."

"It will take us some time to complete the validation of the software and get regulatory approval but the important thing is that the foundation is laid" for fully autonomous driving, said Tesla CEO Elon Musk on a call with reporters.