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Trump or Clinton, the US will still be willing to buy good pharmaceuticals, CEO says

Actelion CEO: US is very reasonable democracy

The CEO of a leading biopharmaceutical company has tried to reassure investors over upcoming U.S. elections, saying there won't be any change in demand for drugs regardless of who wins the race for the White House.

"If you bring to the patients innovative growth, good drugs which are going to help them, which are really going to make them feel better or live longer, the country - United States - is going to pay for these drugs and there are many systems in place which will allow that," Jean-Paul Clozel, the CEO of Swiss-based Actelion, told CNBC Thursday.

His comments come despite tough talk from candidates - particularly - on the price of pharmaceuticals in the country.

when she slammed price hikes for EpiPens, made by . In September last year the sector was down again after another tweet where Clinton said she would plan to tackle "price gouging" in the industry if elected.

Analysts have contemplated whether the biotech space would see a significant rally on the back of a win, but Actelion's Clozel focused on his belief that demand would remain firm in the country.

"I am very confident that the United States is a very stable country, it's a very reasonable democracy," he stressed.