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Bush 41 nephew blasts Trump and Clinton, and reveals who he plans to vote for

Who's Jonathan Bush voting for?

Jonathan Bush, nephew of former President George H.W. Bush, told CNBC on Friday he's not thrilled with Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, and he hopes the election will bring about change in the two-party system.

The athenahealth chairman and CEO said on "Squawk on the Street" he plans to vote for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson on Nov. 8.

"I've settled on the fact that if you can't stand the 'nut' on the left, and you can't stand the 'nut' on the right, go for the 'Johnson,'" Jonathan Bush joked.

He said a vote for the former New Mexico governor will help "frack apart this tired, broken Democratic Party into two more reasonable groups, and frack apart the Republican Party in the same way."

While expressing disappointment with the two major party candidates, Bush said he's especially mystified by Republican Trump.

"I grew up believing deeply in my Uncle George's Republican Party, really feeling like it was good for people, and when I listen to Bill Weld talk I feel the same way," Bush said, referring to Johnson's running mate Bill Weld, the former Massachusetts governor.

Jonathan Bush also addressed the departure of his brother, Billy, from NBC's "Today."

Billy Bush had come under fire for his involvement in the leaked 2005 "Access Hollywood" video in which Trump bragged about groping women.

"I certainly think any outrage from your folks at NBC has got to be crocodile outrage given that they've built 'The Donald,'" Jonathan Bush said, noting Trump's trademark reality show "The Apprentice" aired on NBC.

"I don't blame NBC," Bush continued, "but please don't be silly, NBC. We've all been a part of this."

NBC said it has no comment on Jonathan Bush's remarks.

Jonathan Bush also said everyone has been faced with — and missed — opportunities to stand up to wrongdoing, and that he's sure his brother Billy will bounce back from the scandal.

Jonathan and Billy Bush are the sons of Josephine and Jonathan Bush, who is the brother of the 41st president. Last month, Politico quoted a Kennedy family member as saying the former president told her he plans to vote of Clinton.

Disclosure: NBCUniversal owns NBC and CNBC.