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Apple won't share same fate as the PC or Blackberry, analyst says ahead of earnings

People stand outside the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue on August 5, 2015 in New York City.
Andrew Burton | Getty Images News | Getty Images

With Apple slated to post quarterly earnings after the bell on Tuesday, Granite Investment Advisors Principal Tim Lesko told CNBC's "Power Lunch" he's not worried the technology giant will suffer the same fate as the PC or Blackberry.

"The end of the PC cycle was pretty damaging to a lot of companies if you look at the landscape of the Dells and the HPs," he said. "But the mobile lifestyle and the presence of the iPhone and the Apple ecosphere seems to have longer legs to us than the traditional PC cycle."

He said iPhone sales make up about 15 percent of the company's revenue, so that's a number analysts will be watching closely this afternoon.

Earlier on the show, Estimize Senior Vice President Christine Short said the tech giant is one of Estimize's most popular stocks leading up to its earnings report, typically receiving more than 1000 estimates from users of different backgrounds and levels of expertise.

Estimize is an online platform which aggregates earnings estimates from various analysts, private investors and students.