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Cramer: This sector will bounce back after the election

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Dollar Tree: "This stock has been in free-fall, along with Dollar General. I'm beginning to wonder if they aren't ready to bottom. But if you think they are, the better one to do is buy a stock called TJX, which my charitable trust owns ... It's a discounter that I think has a better stream of revenue, particularly with Macy's closing some stores soon."

Owens-Illinois: "They had a good quarter. I've been waiting for that. I love the glass business because it's recycling. Do you know that in certain parts of Latin America they use jars from Owens-Illinois 30 times. Glass should be more sustainably viewed in this country. I like the story here."

KB Home: "Let's look at the trajectory there. When I first recommended it, it went up big, back to book value. Then it has since come down as people started to talk about the December rate hike. I do believe that I like it, but so far, buy, buy buy. Every time we hear rate hike talk, the stock goes down. I think after the rate hike, the stock goes up and after the election it might go up."

Pfizer: "You'll be fine with Pfizer. A 3.7 percent yield, good balance sheet. After the election I believe the drug stocks will make a comeback. Kind of reminds me of 1992 when my hedge fund bought a lot of Merck."

Alliance Data Systems: "I'm concerned. It's been a while since I felt that company has put up some good numbers. It is in the doghouse with me."

Fastenal Company: "That's just OK. We've got so many. We've got a panoply of unbelievable industrials right now. Take a look at United Technologies, take a look at a Danaher — good numbers — or Illinois Tool Works, I thought that was oversold. Maybe they didn't do as well as I thought, but put that one away than you will do better than Fastenal."

MGM Growth Properties: "We cannot understand why that stock still has a 6 percent yield. Why do I say that? Because the stock has been going up and up and only yields 5 [percent]. I think MGM Properties is terrific."

Frontline: "I'm not recommending any of the oil carriers, refined properties — nothing! Those stocks have cost our viewers too much money. A very large crude carrier. No."

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