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Hedge fund billionaire Julian Robertson on Microsoft, Air Canada, other top ideas

Hedge fund billionaire Julian Robertson revealed some of his favorite investment ideas, including Microsoft and Air Canada, during an interview with CNBC's Kelly Evans.

"I really like Microsoft. I think its cloud activities and also the new management have brought a revival of Bill Gates' initial strategy. I think that's a great company," said Robertson. On Air Canada, he said, "It's an airline that's doing all the right things, and it's priced at about 3.5 times earnings."

In this wide-ranging conversation, the investor also discusses:

  • Views on the upcoming presidential election, and why he's voting for Libertarian Gary Johnson.
  • Outlook for the hedge fund industry.
  • His thoughts on the auto and biotech sectors.
  • Why he sold out of Netflix, but held on to Pandora.

Parts of the interview aired on CNBC's Closing Bell, but this is the only place to view the news-making conversation in its entirety.