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Read the hacked memo detailing part of 'Bill Clinton, Inc'

Former President Bill Clinton speaking at the 2016 Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting in New York on Sept. 20th, 2016.
Adam Jeffery | CNBC

A document released by Wikileaks from the allegedly hacked email account of Hillary Clinton's campaign chair is causing a stir Thursday, as it lays out some of the overlap between the Clinton charity and the family's for-profit interests.

The memo is written by Doug Band — a former top aide to Bill Clinton and co-founder of Teneo Holdings. That company appeared to confirm the authenticity of the document to The Washington Post. For its part, the Clinton campaign told NBC News that it is not confirming individual emails from the hack.

In the memo, dated November 16, 2011, Band says there is an "unorthodox nature" to his role in the Clinton organization, and he details his efforts to help Bill Clinton earn money and how large companies were enticed to give to the Clinton Foundation.

On Thursday, Donald Trump attacked Clinton for the latest Wikileaks revelation.

"Mr. Band called the arrangement 'unorthodox.' The rest of us call it outright corruption. In fact, the Clinton Foundation even hired a law firm to find out if their pay-to-play scheme would jeopardize their charitable status with the IRS. If the Clintons were willing to play this fast and loose with their enterprise when they weren't in the White House, just imagine what they will do given the chance to once again control the Oval Office," the GOP nominee said.

Notably, the document illuminates a series of tangled interests, but it did not appear to present any evidence whatsoever of either pay-to-play or corruption for Band, Bill or Hillary Clinton.

Read the document here: