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AMD CEO: Our chip in new MacBook Pro built for 'high performance' in razor-thin form factor

AMD CEO: Multiple-year strategy is key

Recent successes only help Advanced Micro Devices' business, but the key to substantial growth is implementing what AMD CEO Lisa Su called a "multiple-year strategy."

AMD stock is currently on a high coming off Thursday's unveiling of Apple's new MacBook Pro, for which the companies co-engineered graphics chips to heighten the computer's performance "to ensure that we could get all of that performance in that very, very thin and high-performance form factor," Su said.

Shares of the semiconductor company were up 5.41 percent Friday, trading at $7.49 per share.

Appearing on "Squawk Alley" in an exclusive interview, Su said Friday that she expects growth to accelerate going into 2017.

"The key for us is always a multiple-year strategy, and a multiple-year strategy means great products, great customer relationships and doing solid engineering," Su said.

Next year, the company will release "Zen," a high-efficiency computer processor set to improve functionality on a variety of devices and systems. The release will begin Su's multiyear strategy, making 2017, in her words, "the year of Zen and high-performance computing."

Su said she is not worried about the "prosumer" market becoming too niche or possibly overshadowing the general consumer market.

The market of professionals using AMD's products still offers growth, she said, and most of all, the company's mission is about enabling consumers to create and view content effectively.

As for the consolidation in the chips sector, highlighted by Qualcomm's recent bid to acquire NXP Semiconductors, Su said it is important to band together as an industry to keep new ideas flowing.

"What's important for all of us as chip companies is to keep the innovation going: putting out new products, figuring out how we connect these complex systems," Su said.

"For us, it's about connecting the cloud to the user and bringing new visualization experiences, so I think if we focus on innovation as an industry, we're going to make a lot of progress."