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YouTube propaganda video shows video of Kim Jong-un as pilot, shooter, smoker

This undated picture released by North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency on December 12, 2015 shows North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un (C) inspecting the newly re
KNS | AFP | Getty Images

You've seen plenty of pictures of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un inspecting various installations, now you can now see him actually doing things in a new propaganda video released by Korean Central Television.

Distributed via Youtube, the lengthy video titled "Kim Jong-un the Great Supreme Commander and the Consolidation of a Powerful Army" shows Kim flying a plane, riding atop a submarine, giving speeches to fervent applause, and grinning as weapons are displayed.

In one scene, he sits incongruously in the middle of a field at an office desk with a chunky PC, and in several he appears to talk to soldiers about shooting technique. In a number of shots, he's smoking a cigarette.

The video starts with the exaltation of Kim by citizens and the military and runs through the inspection of various military facilities. Footage of the 32-year-old flying a plane, with a co-pilot's hand firmly on the throttle, starts at minute 38:42.

Although the commentary is in Korean, the YouTube channel promises that a version with English subtitles will be available soon.

The video comes on back of the secretive state's latest failed missile launch. North Korea shocked the world in September when it claimed to have tested a miniaturized nuclear warhead.

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