Top international fund manager on how to invest globally, his top small-cap growth picks

Michael Kass, portfolio manager of the Baron International Growth Fund, a mutual fund that's generated annualized returns of nearly 12 percent since 2008, sat down with CNBC's Mike Santoli at the Baron Investment Conference in New York to discuss his investment approach to international markets.

The investing landscape in emerging markets has drastically changed in recent years, according to Kass, who believes smaller players could lead a next phase of growth globally.

"There are many sort of mid-cap, large-cap companies that were really an afterthought 10 years ago. That is the force that's really driving emerging market growth and emerging market investment opportunities," he said.

In this wide-ranging interview, the money manager, who has more than 30 years of investing experience also discusses:

  • How to identify growth companies in emerging markets.
  • His favorite international picks.
  • Some of the major investment themes in EM.