Diversity in GOP: Lots of people in 'camo,' says Ohio congressman

Lots of people in 'camo,' says Ohio congressman

Ever since Mitt Romney's unexpected loss to President Barack Obama in 2012, Republicans have debated whether, and how they need to expand their appeal.

The post-2012 GOP "autopsy" called for the party to reach out to Democratic-leaning constituencies including women, African-Americans and Hispanics. Some Republican officials, noting Donald Trump's large polling deficit among those groups, fear his candidacy has taken the party in the opposite direction.

A supporter of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump
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But not Rep. Jim Jordan, who represents a staunchly Republican Ohio district and chairs the House Freedom Caucus. Jordan, citing a Trump event he recently attended, credited the nominee with attracting a diverse and nontraditional Republican audience encompassing "all kinds of folks" — African-Americans, Hispanics and "people in camo."

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