Gary Johnson: Don't waste your vote on Clinton or Trump

Gary Johnson: The two parties have gone off to the extremes

Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson said Monday on CNBC's "Closing Bell" that it is never too late to vote "on principle," and continued to encourage voters to cast their ballots for the Libertarian party.

Although his running mate, Bill Weld, told MSNBC last week he "vouches" for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Johnson said she will be "under the constant drumbeat of impeachment" should she win the presidency. He also argued that both she and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump are "isolationists when it comes to the economy."

If the Libertarian nominee garners 5 percent of the vote on Election Day, he said the party would be entitled to $10 million of federal funds in the next election cycle. That amount would be a "game changer," he said, especially when compared to the roughly $250,000 the party fundraises per year.

When asked whether he's concerned about the margin for victory being smaller than the amount of votes cast in his favor, he said he wasn't worried about third-party voters making a difference in a tight race. It's entirely possible, he said, that those voters would have stayed home and "held their nose," instead of voting for either Trump or Clinton.