Cramer picks the best retailers coming out of the election

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Ollie's Bargain Outlet: "This has been the best retailer out there ... You've got a winner!"

Kite Pharma: "You're going pure speculative. You get a big sweep and you get the House and the Senate going with Hillary, and then it's a no-go. You've got to be careful there."

Wal-Mart: "Doug McMillon [CEO] has made a major change there. This stock has held up better than most. I think it one of the retailers to own coming out of the election."

Six Flags Entertainment: "We like SIX. Now, I am a little bit bigger fan — just so you know, sticking with that same regime — of Cedar Fair, symbol FUN, because it yields 5.7 percent."

Ambarella: "Ambarella is a little too speculative for me. We are going to stay away. Why don't you think about something a little bit more like Avago, now Broadcom."

FedEx: "You hold on to it. A 52-week high in this environment is saying something. We get a little bit of a pullback, and I want you to double up on it."

Gilead Sciences: "At this point yes, I want you to hold it because I've got a feeling that they are going to make some sort of a deal, or boost the dividend or do something that is going to make it so they bring out value. I can't count on selling Gilead down here ... I care where a stock is going, not where it's coming from. I think you're OK."

Cypress Semiconductor: "There are so many semiconductor companies that are getting bids here, that I would have to tell you that you would be nuts to sell Cypress. But so far, it's a bridesmaid not a bride."

US Foods: "Listen to me, that's a tarheel. You want a wolf pack you've got to go with Sysco, SYY, with a dynamite quarter."

Rowan Companies: "No, deep water is a no-go. I'll take Halliburton, I'll take Baker Hughes, I'll take Schlumberger. But no deep water."

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