Hundreds of natural snowballs appear on Siberian beach

In a rare display, hundreds of naturally formed snowballs are rolling around a Siberian beach.

Residents in the small village of Nyda, right above the Arctic circle, first noticed the large icy orbs on a nearby beach in late October.

They are the result of a rare but natural process, where wind rolls ice and slush around the beach. As they are pushed around by wind, the bits of slush and ice accumulate snow and form spheres, according to an article in The Siberian Times. They range from the size of a tennis ball to globes large enough to sit on.

Though this is the first time the older villagers have seen the formations, it's not the first time naturally formed snowballs have rolled onto a beach. Similar snowballs were spotted on the shores of Lake Michigan in 2014, shown in the video below.