AI Trumps polling as Donald takes the presidency

On the morning of Halloween, reported that an artificial intelligence system was predicting a Trump victory in the presidential election.

The story of the AI model named MoglA, named after the "Jungle Book" character Mowgli, built by Indian tech company went viral at a time when Hilary Clinton was widely expected to take the White House.

The MogIA modelling took in 20 million data points from public platforms including Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in the U.S. and analysed the information to create unbiased predictions. It has proven to be on the money at a time when the world is asking how the pollsters got it so wrong, again.

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The model was developed by founder Sanjiv Rai who thinks this is breakthrough moment for AI.

"Polling is outdated in the world of AI. It suffers from all kinds of biases. AI, if designed to be unbiased, doesn't fall into that trap" said Rai in an email to CNBC on Wednesday morning.

"This is sort of a new evolution in the AI field. Moreover, most people do Data Analytics. There is a difference between Data Analytics and AI."

The key to the ongoing success of AI modelling is access to input data which can be trusted, in a transparent way according to Rai who says the AI model would continue to learn and become smarter.

"However, the input data sources need a completely new level of transparency for AI's to evolve and become useful for mankind. Otherwise, input data generators can skew the world in a way that may have serious unintended biases and consequences"