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Tinder users in Russia voted for Donald Trump

Donald Trump was the favorite presidential candidate for Tinder users in Russia who were using the dating app's "Swipe the Vote" feature, the company's chief executive said on Wednesday.

Last month, Tinder turned on "Swipe the Vote" for the U.S. elections. The feature allows users to swipe left or right on policies proposed by both candidates. At the end, a user is matched with the candidate who best matches their views. From there, you are urged to register to vote. In Russia, president-elect Trump came out on top.

"What you see is that there was a lot of varying views…In Mexico Hillary was the favorite…in Russia Donald was the favorite," Tinder chief executive Sean Rad, said during a talk at the Web Summit technology conference in Lisbon on Wednesday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Sasha Mordovets | Getty Images

"Swipe the Vote" was available in 15 countries and Rad said that the feature is an attempt for Tinder to be socially responsible.

"We have a responsibility to help our users in every which way we can," Rad said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Trump after his election win said that his country is "ready to restore fully fledged relations with the United States". During Trump's campaign, the Republican candidate praised Putin on numerous occasions, which could be behind his popularity in Russia.