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What a Trump victory means for Christmas


The presidential election is over but the holiday season is just beginning. What that will mean in a country that was deeply divided over who would be the next commander in chief will be hashed out at the mall.

Heading into retail's biggest season, "there will be enormous hope" among those who supported Republican Donald Trump and "there will be absolute dread" among those who supported Democrat Hillary Clinton, said Candace Corlett, president at WSL Strategic Retail, a retail consulting firm.

Shoppers walk past the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in New York.
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Above all, a Trump win creates an atmosphere of uncertainty this season, particularly among high-income earners who voted Democratic this election and who help drive consumer spending, she said.

"I definitely think we will see 'the haves' very scared," Corlett said. "Whether it's the top 1 percent, 10 percent or 15 percent, they are going to be very cautious this holiday because they simply don't know what's to come."

People upset about the outcome will spend less, added Benjamin Glaser, Features Editor with DealNews. They're "just not happy with what direction the country is headed," he said.

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Alternatively, those who feel validated by the outcome of Tuesday's election will be in the shopping spirit this season, said Britt Beemer, chairman and CEO of America's Research Group, who predicts a 6 percent to 7 percent increase in shopping by consumers who supported Trump.

Per reports, Trump performed very well in rural and small towns across America. Of those voters, they may have bigger families and be involved in their communities, Beemer said.

"My inclination is that these people will ramp it up this year," Beemer said.

Although stocks took an initial nosedive, retailers may also be encouraged heading into the holidays because of Trump's market friendly policies on taxes and regulation that could be seen as potentially helpful going forward, Beemer said.