Donald Trump tweets about 'unfair' protests — then has second thoughts

Trump says protests post-election are 'very unfair'
Trump says protests post-election are 'very unfair'

With anti-Trump demonstrations in several cities for a second day, the president-elect lashed out on Twitter at "professional protesters" and the media.

But apparently after sleeping on it, Donald Trump had second thoughts.

In a tweet Friday morning, Trump said he loved the fact that "small groups of protesters have passion for our great country."

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Demonstrators protest in several cities around the United States, including in New York, Washington, Los Angeles and Denver, on Thursday to protest Trump's surprise election victory. Protesters smashed window, set fires, and battled with police in Portland, Oregon, on Thursday night in what police called a "riot."

Police on Thursday erected security barricades around two Trump properties that have been focal points for protesters — the president-elect's newly opened Pennsylvania Avenue hotel in Washington and the high-rise Trump Tower, where he lives in Manhattan.

After remaining apparently unprovoked by the protests on Wednesday, Trump, a prolific tweeter throughout his campaign, broke his silence on Thursday.

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Protesters burn an effigy of Donald Trump outside Los Angeles City Hall.
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Shortly before, Trump had tweeted a positive message about his first meeting with outgoing President Barack Obama.

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Before the election, the Republican candidate repeatedly declined to confirm that he would personally accept the election outcome if he did not win.

The protests have focused on Trump's comments about immigration and minority groups and the support he had drawn from white supremacist groups. Although Trump initially declined to reject the endorsement he received from former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke, he later did so.