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President Trump will be ‘much more thoughtful’ than candidate Trump: Real estate mogul

Inside the Trump White House: Howard Lorber
Inside the Trump White House: Howard Lorber

President-elect Donald Trump will be more pragmatic when he moves into the Oval Office, despite the wild presidential election, fellow real estate mogul Howard Lorber told CNBC on Monday.

"I think you're going to see a Donald Trump who's … much more thoughtful on what he says and positions he takes. I think you're going to see a warm person, which he's always been," said Lorber, chairman of New York real estate powerhouse Douglas Elliman and a friend of Trump's.

And, while Lorber agreed that most of Trump's supporters are tired of the political establishment, that would not lead the president-elect to abandon practicality with complex issues like Obamacare, Lorber told "Squawk Box."

"If there's two things out of 100 in Obamacare that are good, why wouldn't you keep those two? He's not ego-driven that way," Lorber said. Trump vowed to repeal and replace Obamacare several times over the course of his campaign, though he has recently softened his language.

Lorber said that he was comfortable with supporting Trump from the beginning because he knew his friend would be handy at picking smart people for his advisory team without being too politically tied.

"I don't think [Republican] tradition means much at this particular point," Lorber said. "I [knew] he would have great people around him and I think he's starting to prove that."