Bernie Sanders urges millions to ‘mobilize and fight back’ against Trump’s presidency

Sanders wants Americans to rally against Trump's presidency
Sanders wants Americans to rally against Trump's presidency

Bernie Sanders has urged millions of people to stand together and rally against the policies of President-elect Donald Trump.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday morning, the former Democratic candidate for the White House said that rallying against Trump was the only way to ensure he would not remove key rights, such as abortion.

"Trump's agenda is a minority agenda, not supported by the most people in our country. Our job is to mobilize and educate and to fight back at every instance," Sanders told the BBC.

"Our job is to oppose him vigorously through millions of people in many, many different ways," he added.

"We have got to rally millions of people to stand together, to say, 'We are not going to be deporting millions of Latinos from this country … We are not going to allow women to be insulted and attacked and have their rights taken away from them,'" the Vermont senator said.

President-elect Donald Trump reiterated last Sunday his intention to overturn the legalization of abortion. During his campaign, Trump was often criticized for his sexist and discriminatory views.

"The only way that we can stop it is to bring millions of people together to make it clear to Trump and his allies that they will pay a very, very heavy political price if they go forward in policies that the American people don't want," Sanders added.

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