Full interview with GE CEO Immelt on Trump as chief 'negotiator,' state of globalization

General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt spoke at length about what may lie ahead for the business community, the U.S. and the global economy following Donald Trump's presidential victory.

"What President Trump will learn is that, as he travels the world, trade deals give him power. The ability to use trade as an economic negotiating technique make him more powerful," said Immelt.

"If the President of the United States travels around the world, and has nothing to offer from a standpoint of economic connection, you lose half of your negotiating power. And this guy is a negotiator; he's a dealmaker," said Immelt.

In this wide-ranging conversation from the Minds + Machines conference in San Francisco, Immelt also discusses:

  • Policies that could help or impact GE and its businesses
  • How President-elect Trump can jump-start the economy
  • Why globalization cannot be reverted
  • The core values that have allowed GE's culture to flourish

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