IBM CEO Rometty in letter to Trump: Help secure 'new collar' IT jobs

IBM's Ginni Rometty writes open letter to Donald Trump
IBM's Ginni Rometty writes open letter to Donald Trump

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty issued a letter to President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday detailing steps that she says could help Americans benefit from advances in technology.

"I know that you are committed to help America's economy grow in ways that are good for all of its people," Rometty wrote in the letter to Trump obtained by CNBC. "I am writing to offer ideas that I believe will help achieve the aspiration you articulated and that can advance a national agenda in a time of profound change."

The IBM chief advocated for Trump to create "new collar" IT jobs, saying that today IBM does not always require it's employees to have a college degree. She said relevant skill is what "matters most."

Rometty also agreed with Trump's ideas on spending in infrastructure.

"The country should focus on infrastructure investments that incorporate Internet of things technology and artificial intelligence to improve performance."

The letter also included ideas on healthcare, user data to fight government "waste and inefficiency," America's tax system and medical care of veterans.

Read the full letter below: