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‘Globalization is here to stay:’ DHL Express CEO

DHL CEO: Globalization is here to stay
DHL CEO: Globalization is here to stay

Global trade is not going to be stopped despite the protectionist rhetoric from the incoming Trump administration, DHL Express CEO Ken Allen said Wednesday.

The CEO told CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" that his shipping company's plans aren't changing despite President-elect Donald Trump's call to block the Trans-Pacific Partnership and rewrite the North American Free Trade Agreement.

"Everybody believes that global trade is the right thing to do, and global trade is going to continue. I know some of the trade agreements could be constructed better, so … there's nothing wrong in looking at those," Allen said.

"I think for sure, globalization is here to stay," he added.

The CEO's confidence in global trade stems from the massive increase in e-commerce shipments worldwide, including at DHL Express, which has seen consistent growth for the last 22 quarters.

The United States led the holiday season increase in sales at DHL Express this year thanks to the strength of the U.S. dollar, Allen said.

"Today, any entrepreneur anywhere in the world can put his goods online and they can be shipped to any country in world. And that is going to drive trade, and I don't think that any government would want to stop that from happening," the CEO said.

What's needed is an "electronic world trade organization" to help smaller countries grow and innovate, Allen said, echoing an idea of Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma.

"We need to build an infrastructure where everybody in world can trade with each other," Allen said. "I think the whole debate now needs to [be] about how do we give small and medium size businesses the impetus and the training and the capability to export all over world."